Maastricht Migration Lecture Series - Does Citizenship Matter?

Does holding citizenship affect migrants’ life experience and, if so, how? In this lecture we discussed the controversial and complex relation between immigrant naturalization and life experiences within the host society. This relationship is ideologically controversial because some politicians view citizenship as a reward for being a well-integrated immigrant, whereas others see the promise of full membership of the country of residence and the entitlement to all the rights attached to it as a major incentive for self-empowerment and identification with others in society. The causal relation between citizenship and immigrant integration is scientifically complex as immigrants who are already better integrated are also more likely to naturalize.

We discussed key concepts and theories, some comparative facts about citizenship policies in Europe, and findings from ongoing research. Finally, we reflected on how the pandemic may affect these considerations, as migrants will look to formalise their right to remain and reenter the country of naturalisation in the event of a subsequent pandemic or other emergency event, especially if they are able to retain their citizenship of origin.

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