Keynote Maarten Vink in EMN webinar on “Access to Citizenship in Ireland and the EU”

Tuesday, 8th December 2020, Maarten Vink gave a keynote talk in a webinar on ‘Supporting Integration: Access to Citizenship in Ireland and the EU’, organized by European Migration Network Ireland within the Economic Social Research Institute (ESRI).

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26 November 2020, presentation by Floris Peters at EMN

On 26 November, Floris Peters presented at the webinar of the European Migration Network Netherlands on the EMN study ‘Pathways to Citizenship for third-country nationals in EU Member States’.

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17 November 2020, presentations at Dutch Demography Week 2020

Tuesday, 17.11.2020 Session 4: Migration and integration

"Analysing the impact of host country citizenship acquisition on the educational outcomes of the children of immigrants using sibling fixed-effects" by Marie Labussière, Maarten Vink and Mark Levels

"Becoming Dutch at what cost? The impact of application fees for naturalisation by immigrants in the Netherlands" by Swantje Falcke, Floris Peters and Maarten Vink

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Maastricht Migration Lecture Series - Does Citizenship Matter?

On Wednesday, 28 October 2020, Maarten Vink presented at the Maastricht Migration Lecture Series. 

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MiLifeStatus 1-day workshop postponed

Citizenship of children of immigrants. Legal status and life opportunities in host country societies
1-day Workshop, Maastricht, the Netherlands, 26 June 2020 * postponed due to COVID-19 *

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Lecture Citizenship in the migrant life course: 10 observations on immigrant naturalization

Maarten Vink spoke about "Citizenship in the migrant life course: 10 observations on immigrant naturalization" at UNU-MERIT seminar on 12 February 2020.

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