Presentation by Christophe Leclerc in Neuch√Ętel

Christophe Leclerc presented at the Neuchâtel Graduate Conference of Migration and Mobility Studies on 12 September 2019.

Christophe presented on "Immigrant Naturalisation and Residential Mobility in the Netherlands". He made the argument in this paper that naturalization can act as a positive signal for housing market actors and the reduce statistical discrimination that immigrants may face in their residential mobility in the Netherlands. He looked at residential mobility through the lens of ethnic concentration and argued that naturalization can increase immigrants' propensity to move out of concentrated neighborhood. The paper uses register data from Statistics Netherlands and offers a quantitative approach to this question.

The discussant of the paper was Jean Michel Lafleur who is a Research professor at the University of Liège, Associate Director and is specialized in the transnational dimension of contemporary migration, EU mobility, social protection and the political participation of immigrants.

The topic of his presentation will become the second empirical chapter of his PhD dissertation, called "Positive signalling in the Dutch housing market? Assessing the relevance of citizenship acquisition for immigrants’ residential mobility in the Netherlands." 

The panel in which Christophe presented was entitled "The strategic use/misuse of Citizenship status". Other participants in the panel were: Salomon Bennour (from the University of Neuchâtel), Jules Lepoutre (European University Institute), Anne MacDuff (Australian National University).


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